Down below is my list of favorite internet shortcuts to job sites and search firms.
This is another area of my site where I'd especially appreciate corrections or suggestions about places to look or
recruit, so
let me know if you have either!
Having not so long ago been on the job hunt myself, I re-arranged these by richness of offerings.
See the bottom for a few I have not had time to analyze & describe yet.
And I just added a "Death of Manners" rant to my Screeds page.  :-)

Date / Freshness:  these links could have deteriorated some.  They are a couple years old, but most times will get you
close to the right sub-page within a site.  
Mea culpa update work is in my queue.
General Prospect Research & Screening Tips
Screening Employers
First off, Guidestar is invaluable in the job search.  You must sign up, but it's free, and you can pull a
copy of the nonprofit's Form 990 (if they are a 501(c)(3) public charity).  From the 990 you can tell what
You might also be interested in looking them up on
Charity Navigator or Wise Giving Alliance, but
frankly I'm a little sick of the sanctimoniousness of these self-appointed watchdogs, I'm not sure
they're good for the sector, either.  Finally, of course, once you get serious, don't fail to run names of
organizations and leaders through Google, Google News, the press ( and Google

Finally, searching on the website of your State for the corporate status can show you some detail
about whether the entity is active and in good standing.  In California, that site is
Job Listing Sites
Craigslist  As with many parts of life in the Bay Area, Craigslist dominates in this
area.  And as always, it's fast, and easy to search.  For good finance jobs at nonprofits, I am finding
them in the Accounting/Finance section, keyword "nonprofit" or the nonprofit check box (must beware
of synonyms: non-profit, nonprofit not-for-profit).  In my case, I search on checkbox nonprofit and can
toggle between San Francisco only, or all Bay Area (or even click on the entire Jobs category, use
keyword, and click on the "non-profit" box and hope the searcher selected it).  When I hire, though, I'm
no longer so thrilled with Craigslist as a source because so many applicants dash off their materials
with all kinds of errors and typos.   Other areas of Craigslist, such as buying and selling things, have
begun to attract scammers.
Idealist is an international site intended to activate potential applicants and NGO professionals
and not just for job searching.  They recently made the job searching a little harder to use, but not
impossible.  The link above gets you to advanced search which offers the usual variables.
Opportunity Knocks
Back in the day, Opportunity Knocks was called Opportunity NOCs ("Nonprofit Organization
Classifieds) and it rocked!  (Still does!)  It was *the* site for Bay Area nonprofit jobs (and before the
web was a newsletter you could subscribe to).  It was sponsored by the Management Center, a local
C3 "management service organization" like CompassPoint (see my
Resources - Technical
Assistance page).  When Management Center folded, Opportunity NOCs was one of its only viable
assets and it sold it to a charity in Georgia which seems to be doing a good job of running it, and
developing it as a national site.  It now boasts many of the best and most comprehensive listings in
California.  Searchable by Location (nicely implemented on location), Keywords, Category (org type),
Function, and Pay Range(!) (Pay Range doesn't often work because employers are shy of disclosure).
Northern California
NCG Jobs
Northern California Grantmakers, NCG, is the primary association of grantmakers, both private
foundations and public charities.  Foundations can be difficult to work for, so do your due diligence!
Foundation Center
This service provided by the Foundation Center (libraries in several cities including San Francisco -
(see my
Resources - Information & Publications page) - is growing and has a nice list of offerings.  
You know an employer is on the ball with their search when they get their job on here and not just on
Craigslist and one of the other usual suspects.  Janet Camarena, director of the San Francisco
Foundation Center (along with her whole staff), is a nonprofit sector treasure!
Chronicle of
On my Resources - Information & Publications page, I virtually prescribe Chronicle of Philanthropy;
it's really a one-stop shop for keeping up on the most important developments and trends in the
.  As one might predict, the job listing positions are skewed towards development, but it's a
good list, and national if you're getting itchy about moving.
Net Impact               
Net Impact works to encourage social responsibility in business.  It is a paid-access-only site that I
have not accessed, but expect that for a fairly nominal membership fee, you can find for-profit
business jobs with organizations that are managing for the "triple bottom line" of social responsibility.
CAN - California
Association of
California Association of Nonprofits Job Board
There was a time when I wished that somehow CAN - the California Association of Nonprofits was
more robust on these listings, and as one might have expected, now that the dynamic Jan Masaoka
has taken the helm, there are a number of interesting listings.
(formerly American
Society of Association
ASAE seems to be the new full name of what was once the American Society of Association
.  This is a good source of Trade Association jobs, which are famous for paying well but
serving rather narrow interests (by definition).  Searchable by Industry (Org Type), Category (job field),
never know, and did I say "pay well?"  
Community Career
I haven't a clue who these Community Career Center folks are, but occasionally this site--which is
more first generation graphically than my site(!)-- produces a local job that's not listed anywhere
else(!).  Searchable by location, member organization (it must be a sort of trade association of
nonprofits), primary skill, title, and keyword.
Opportunity Finance
National Community
Opportunity Finance Network Job Bank   
Opportunity Finance Network used to be called National Community Capital Association and I think
before that used to be called the National Association of Community Development Loan Funds
(branding and re-branding over-fascination?...or am I just living too long?).  This is a good site for
economic and community development jobs, all over, but often interesting ones in the Bay Area.  It is
the leading association of Community Development Financial Institutions ("CDFI") so I guess an
obsession with branding might bo with the territory.
This is not an attempt to be a comprehensive list, but rather a list of recruiters with which I have had
some positive contact, either on the client end or as an applicant.  The biggest risk with a recruiter is
their desire to pound a square peg into a round hole...not good for either the peg or the hole!  

Kreuzberger Associates
finance & accounting searches & temps, not just nonprofit; current searches not shown

Leadership Search Partners
formerly Leyna Bernstein consulting; has a nice track record posted, with some clear strength serving
the LGBT community

m/Oppenheim Associates
impressive list of "selected" active searches; San Francisco focus; Mark Oppenheim does some
interesting things with his site, using "" to run thoughtful videos

Bridges SF
high-end finance & accounting searches & interim, not just nonprofit; current searches not shown;
Bridges occasionally sponsors very good seminars for sector finance folks

Scion Staffing
interim/temp and permanent placements, coming on strong in San Francisco nonprofit sector, and
apparently Portland; top of their site "nonprofit" leads to a separate front-end 'site' to the same
content; as a positive, they often state the comp range which I also favor when hiring to avoid wasting
time; however, they also tend not to delete ads from Idealist or Craigslist that are filled compared to
what's listed on their site

Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group
occasional San Francisco jobs; mostly NE US; good job seeker advice whitepapers

Robert Half International, still the go-to organization for many; sometimes they have
insightful accounting & finance recruiters with a strong interest in nonprofits
City and County of San Francisco

University of California at San Francisco  (San Francisco's largest employer)  

ABAG - Association of Bay Area Governments
Specific Interesting Employers
organization and expanding, now formed as "Alliance Member Services" or some such.

Alliance for Justice
Alliance for Justice is the voice in Washington for progressive nonprofits and they do some of the best
work around (see Resources - Information & Publications page).  This links to their own job openings
and they in turn link to each of their progressive member organizations.  AFJ's California staff has
been growing from one to now three or so.
Jobs Search - Nonprofit Sector
New Job list ideas (thanks be to Ruth Masterson)
My dear friend and former cohort Ruth Masterson (now at the Association of Small Foundations on at least an interim basis) provided her
own working search list as a supplement.  She's on the East Coast and is a nonprofit international policy maven, so these are a little
different. I will eventually digest and annotate them.  For now it's a raw list with some overlap, and no live links (you'll need to cut and
paste or google).  I haven't decided if I'll keep the DC-centric sites.


Associated Grantmakers
Board Source
Council on Foundations
Forum of Regional Association of Grantmakers
Independent Sector
National Council on Nonprofit Associations
Nonprofit Career Network
Nonprofit Jobs Cooperative
Nonprofit Oyster
One World
Philanthropy Journal Online
Professionals for Nonprofits
Urban Institute
Soros Foundations/Open Society
Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers


www. - Free information about Volunteerism. Surveys, reports, bibliographies, FAQ and many useful articles.
www. - resources for volunteers and those who manage them. Surveys, job lists. Also information about “Virtual
Volunteerism” and how to establish a Virtual Volunteerism program.
www. - Enter your zip code and get matched with local Non-Profits who need you. Free for volunteers. -
National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster can also provide more information on how you can help.
Non-Profit Vitual Library - A Vitual Library to help non-profits improve the way they function. Many useful tools from Michigan State
Executive  I had this posted under recruiters, below, and with the description
"development oriented recruiters' resource," but now it looks more like a regular job board serving the
nonprofit sector so I moved it up to this section, and then even further up!  Decent selection, and
some jobs not posted elsewhere.
Screening Applicants

How to find a good
nonprofit bookkeeper?
Blue Avocado (see my External Resources / Information page), has published a great, short 21-
Nonprofit Bookkeeping Test to help with hiring and sorting out who really knows the field.  
What's particularly great about it is that the 'answer key' is framed in terms of where the person being
between "staff accountant" and mere "bookkeeper" but some folks equate "accountant" with CPA).  
(Of course one downside of my posting this, as one waggish colleague of mine writes at the end of
his note:  
>I especially like that this is multiple-choice, which might help weed out folks in a first round.  I have a
few standard questions that I ask people to get a sense of their level, from basic stuff like accruing an
expense and splitting mortgage payments between interest and principal to more advanced stuff like
cost allocations and temporarily restricted net assets.  But I like that this whips through a lot of topics
quickly.  Of course, soon every bookkeeper in America will have seen this specific iteration….<

And for some of my best searches, for senior positions, I have gotten great use from essay questions
to those who make the first "cut," because ability to write clearly and on-demand is part of financial
management.  This test is not the final or only answer, but is a great way to screen for knowledge
about specialized nonprofit accounting theory (and some general accounting theory mixed in).

1. (the best of all three here):  Fernando M. Tarnogol's excellent, pithy & concise "The 10 Most
Common Job Interview Questions And The Reasons You Should Not Use Them",

2. "The Eight Types of Interview Questions" from some site called that I found
through the Google, and for the really geeky of you, what I bet is the underlying research to the above

3. "The Validity of Employment Interviews: A Comprehensive Review and Meta-Analysis,"
McDaniel et al, Journal of Applied Psychology, 1994.
Interviewing is an Art

What questions are
predictive of actual
success once a
candidate is hired?
Bridgespan is a newish player in the nonprofit world, coming from the big time consultancy world
(offshoot of Bain and Company).  The site also contains useful, thoughtful articles, in particular on the
evolving role of the CFO, but also on the no-one-is-like-any-other role of the COO.
Commongood Careers
Commongood Careers was down below with my listing of recruiters, and maybe still should be, but I
really like the assorted resource articles they offer on interviewing and such (many of the other
recruiters do as well), and they seem to show their jobs or searches more openly than many
recruiters, so I decided to move them up here.  The listing is an assortment of nonprofit jobs, some in
Bay Area, some East Coast