Technical Assistance,
Management Support & Fundraising Advice
Nonprofit Association
of Oregon (formerly
Technical Assistance for Community Service, TACS, in Portland, is a tremendous resource for
Oregon and Northwest nonprofits interested in improving their management, organizational
development, program planning and execution, or darn near anything you ask. The retired founder,
Kay Sohl, may be the smartest person I know in the field, now in
private practice.
San Francisco &
San Jose
tremendous resource for Nonprofits offering a wide range of publications, training, and consulting
services.  CompassPoint also produces valuable conferences, including the annual Nonprofit Day
and Beyond the Bottom Line, a day-long conference focused on financial management matters.
Berkeley / Everywhere
Headquartered in Berkeley, Rockwood Leadership Program is a program that brings leadership
is unique about Rockwood's approach, in my experience, is that they focus on inner-self
development as part of the leadership development process; this acknowledgement of a slightly
spiritual take on our work is new, and helpful.  Rockwood is increasingly interested in better
collaboration in the progressive world.  Andre Carothers, founder, wrote once in Social Policy that
we need to learn to "sort for similarities rather than differences."
Santa Fe /
Western States &
Training Resources for the Environmental Community, TREC, is exactly what its name says it is,
serving environmental groups, specifically grantees of Seattle's Wilburforce Foundation.
Vermont / Everywhere
Since 1980, Andy Robinson has worked with a variety of nonprofits as a fundraiser, grantwriter,
editor and community organizer. All told, he has raised more than $4 million for grassroots
organizations, including 150 successful proposals. He is the author of
Grassroots Grants, 2nd
and Selling Social Change (Without Selling Out): Earned Income Strategies for Nonprofits,
Jossey-Bass, and
Big Gifts for Small Groups, Emerson & Church, the book division of
Contributions Magazine.  Over the past many years, Andy has provided training and consulting in
rights, social justice, and environmental conservation.  Recent clients include the American
Friends Service Committee, National Wildlife Federation, National Trust for Historic Preservation,
United for a Fair Economy, the national Lutheran Church, and the New England Grassroots
Environment Fund, where he served as outreach and training director.  Andy lives in Vermont, but
don't let that stop you, he's out on the West Coast quite regularly.
Berkeley / Everywhere   
Kim Klein is internationally known as a fundraising trainer, consultant and author. She is best
known for adapting traditional fundraising techniques, particularly major donor campaigns, to the
needs of organizations with small budgets working for social justice. She is the Chardon Press
Series Editor nonprofit sector, and the founder and publisher of the Grassroots Fundraising
Stephanie Roth provides training and consultation in fundraising and board development to
nonprofit organizations throughout the United States. She specializes in helping grassroots, social
justice organizations develop a broad base of support for their work from individual donors. She
also facilitates board and organization-wide meetings and retreats.
Kim and Stephanie live in the Bay Area.
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Technical Assistance
Portland / Everywhere
I sometimes say that my entire career has involved finding out what a client needs to know, calling
Kay Sohl, asking her, and coming back with the answer.  Folks think I'm being humble when I say
that, rather than descriptive and disclosive.  Another way to put it is that in the acknowledgements
to the financial management book I once wrote, I closed with "...the aforementioned Kay Sohl, who
I want to be when I grow up."  Kay tells me I have and should now consider myself a peer, but I
dunno...she still somehow knows everything, even in my areas of specific expertise.  Lately she's
been wrestling with complex Federal A-122 issues, low income housing, land trusts, community
development corporations, and nearly any other type of situation that is mildly masochistic.  Call
Minneapolis /
Eve is both a terribly engaging and wired-in trainer on exempt organization tax issues, doing
business as ERB, LLC, at, a site packed with 990 information and a
schedule of her public trainings, and is also a nonprofit tax and corporate law attorney in private
practice in Minneapolis as Borenstein and McVeigh Law Office at  Eve
once upon a time worked in the accounting field, so her advice, unlike many of her peers, is not
naive about the realities of making it work in a chart of accounts (sometimes seems like lawyers
haven't ever even encountered a chart of accounts let alone thought about what their little
paragraphs actually entail).  Eve also thinks very broadly from the needs of the small
advocacy-oriented organizations I serve to the larger more abstract issues that arise in complex
Related organization structures that are above my pay grade.